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When is a good time to file for divorce?

For many families, the approaching end of a year means holidays with a whirlwind of celebrations and family time. If you are considering divorce, this can be one of the most painful times to get through. You can feel like you are faking happiness for the sake of others.

One of the many questions weighing on your mind might be this: "When is a good time to file for divorce?" Is January too soon? What if you do not think you can grin and bear it until then?

Many people file in January

If you are thinking of a January filing, you are far from alone. In fact, the first Monday of every new year sees a surge of divorce filings and is called "Divorce Monday." Filings stay strong until March.

So, does that mean January makes sense? It could, but keep a few other things in mind.

Be prepared

Many people head into divorce unprepared. That is, they do not know where important financial documents are or they have not opened their own checking account. If you are just waiting for the holidays to be over so you can file, this type of preparation can make you feel like you are doing something productive--because you are! In many cases, it also helps to meet with a lawyer. This person can give you an idea of what to expect and a general timeline. With the mental reassurance you are doing something, the end of the year could become more bearable.

Of course, you might simply not be able to wait that long, no matter how much you would like to. Domestic violence could be involved, for example, or you have simply reached the end of your rope. It is likely that everyone will end up better off if you make your move now, so go ahead and consult with a lawyer. 

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