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Military Divorces Just Got Harder

The following is a re-post of a letter sent to members of the Family Law Listserve by Col. Mark E. Sullivan, author of the "Military Divorce Handbook."
It outlines a major change in a federal law that will impact property division in every divorce cause involving a member of the military. 

Divorce: Where Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

A well-to-do lawyer marries a younger literature teacher, they raise a son and stay married for 20 years, taking in the good life from their homes in New York and France. Only, the marriage actually ended after just a few months, a secret divorce initiated by the husband to protect his assets.

Michigan court can consider marital fault in property division

No-fault divorces are now available in every state. You no longer have to prove that your soon-to-be ex-spouse was cheating on your or that he or she abandoned you in order to get a divorce. However, when it comes to property division in Michigan, a judge can consider who was at fault and how in terms of why the marriage is ending. This is just one of several factors that a judge can consider when determining a fair split of the property and assets.

Why do divorce rates go up in January?

Each year, the number of people who file for divorce gets lower. Most people simply do not want to start the proceedings around the holidays. However, when the new year beings, it's time for people to start over. That means the number of divorce filings rises, as does the number of people who talk to family law attorneys about getting divorced.

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