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Child Custody Archives

What you should know about child custody interference

Two of the biggest questions that often arise in child custody cases are usually who will get custody and who has visitation rights. Once those questions are answered, you may hope that things will go smoother, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Instead, sometimes, one parent will attempt to interfere in the custody arrangements. This is known as "custodial interference."

Factors affecting child custody cases in Michigan

Oakland County, Michigan, child custody attorneys often tell parents that their children do not deserve to be caught in the middle of contentious family law issues. In many cases, children are used as bargaining chips during child custody disputes. Parents should avoid seeking sole custody of children out of spite. It is important to understand that children can still grow in a nurturing environment despite the fact that their parents are heading on two separate paths. Constructing a sound child custody agreement should be the utmost priority of parents.

What are the different types of child custody in Michigan?

Oakland County Child Custody Lawyers have seen many cases involving children caught between parents during divorce. It is not unusual to hear custody issues being discussed by parents in front of a judge who will make the final determination of who gets custody once a marriage has legally ended.

We use different approaches to solving child-custody disputes

Family law issues concerning children are difficult to deal with, especially for parents. In the event of divorce, for example, child custody issues may well arise if there are minor children. Discussions over custody and visitation rights can heighten both parties' emotions.

How are the best interests of the child determined?

Many parents going through the child custody process may wonder how the best interests of the child is utilized when making child custody determinations. The best interests of the child refers to the process courts engage in to arrive at child custody and other decisions that are best for a child during a divorce situation. The standard used to guide and advise the courts helps courts determine what services, actions and orders would best benefit the child and who is best suited to care for the child. A number of factors may be considered when determining what is in the child's best interests.

Michigan woman reacts poorly during custody dispute

Nothing elicits more emotion from parents than a custody battle. When faced with the prospect of losing custody or visitation time with a child, parents can react with heated and rash decisions. Unfortunately, one woman from Kalamazoo, Michigan recently let her emotions get the best of her.

Judge under fire for child custody decision

Disputes over child custody can be quite emotional and difficult for all parties involved. Parents may feel like they have everything to lose when it comes to custody of their children. When parents cannot come to a custody agreement on their own, a judge might need to make the important decisions. But the situation can be complicated even further when one parent is deployed on military duty and is unable to make scheduled court appearances.

Michigan Supreme Court rules on custody issue

Michigan child custody attorneys are mulling the latest decision from the state's supreme court, which recently handed down a ruling on Michigan's "one parent" doctrine. Last week, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the doctrine was unconstitutional.

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