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Custody and visitation rights discussion over an unborn child

When parents get a divorce, the focus may inevitably turn to who gets custody of their children. There are various issues to decide post-divorce or separation, including legal custody, physical custody, shared parenting time and visitation rights. Each family is different and therefore not every custody determination is the same, although every determination should consider the best interests of the children involved.

Rapper seemingly loses child custody battle

In this day and age, the reality simply is that some Michigan parents may not always stay together to raise their children. Parents get divorced, break up, or simply decide to go their separate ways. But even with this divide, parents are still responsible for their children, in some way or another. Child custody is an issue that must be decided, often in conjunction with an award of child support.

Single dads may be the new norm in child custody

Family laws views appear to be shifting, and new trends toward joint parenting may soon impact Michigan families. More and more states are adopting legislation that puts a focus on joint or shared parenting, as opposed to the traditional bias toward granting a mother physical and legal custody.

Grandparents fight for visitation rights

Child custody disputes, for the most part, involve two parents and cover issues like primary custody, visitation rights and child support. But these custody battles often have greater implications. As family dynamics change, child custody not only impacts the immediate family but also the extended family.

Fathers seek to change their role in custody cases

Fathers in Michigan may sometimes feel like the family court system is stacked against them. Although many people say the court bias against dads is nothing but a myth, the numbers may be hard to ignore. As reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 24 percent of children live with their single mom, while only about 4 percent are living with their father.

Parents complicate child custody battle over fast food argument

There is a good reason that family courts maintain focus on the best interests of the child when the court is deciding a custody dispute or child support issue. Custody matters in Michigan often arise during a divorce and although parents generally want what is best for their children, parents are not always perfect. Parents can get emotional and upset toward and ex-spouse and that anger can be released in a way that hurts the children involved.

Michigan judges says former partner has no rights to child

When parents separate, there are a few ways they can arrange custody of their children. Parents have the ability to ask a court for joint custody, which means that both parents will make all major decisions for the children together. Often, it is difficult for separated couples to make these joint decisions and a court will instead divide custody into legal and physical. Legal custody gives one parent the ability to make the major life decisions. Physical custody defines the parent who has primary physical care of the child.

Divorce and child custody dispute last longer than marriage

When Michigan couples divorce, it is up to them to decide how pleasant or acrimonious they wish the proceedings to be. For the most part, couples can choose how to approach a divorce or child custody dispute and this approach will set the tone for the whole process.

Trouble for Michigan mom who refused to administer drug to child

While families and family members are often the bright spot in people's lives, sometimes families run into hard times or may not get along. It should be comforting for Michigan families to know that they have the support of the family court system and other public health and child services organizations to get them through these tough times. But the family court system isn't always perfect and can make mistakes. And while family courts often make tough decisions regarding custody issues, no parent wants to lose legal custody of their child simply for doing what he or she believes is in the best interests of the child.

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