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Child Custody Archives

Child Custody Dispute Rocks Michael Jackson's Family

Michigan residents may know that the children of Michael Jackson are now the subject of a child custody dispute stemming from a battle over the deceased King of Pop's will. Their grandmother and legal guardian, with whom the children reside, disappeared over the weekend and allegations surfaced that she was being blocked from contacting the children.

Financial Role of Grandparents Can Be Significant, Before or After Divorce

Inevitably, divorce has an effect not only on children, but on their grandparents. The effect is not only emotional, but potentially financial. In the uncertain, post-recession economy, many grandparents are helping cover daily living costs for grandkids. Indeed, a recent AARP survey put the number of grandparents doing this as 37 percent - more than 1 in 3.

Establishing domicile with non-custodial parent for PIP coverage

An article in the May 7, 2012 Michigan Lawyers Weekly notes that a decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals may mean that first-party insurers for both parents should split the cost of personal injury protection (PIP) benefits resulting from an auto accident, regardless of who has primary custody or whose car the child was in at the time of the accident. See Grange Insurance Co. v Lawrence. If a child regularly spends nights at the non-custodial parent's house and has a room and personal belongings there, domicile can be established for purposes of the Michigan No-Fault Law.

Incident at Tigers' Game May Lead to Child Custody Law Change

Child custody issues arise in many different forms. One form, of course, is when parents divorce. Another is when unmarried parents split up. In these cases, arrangements for custody and visitation or parenting time must be worked out.

Michigan Child Custody Arrangements and Virtual Visitation

Many times, divorce means more than living in separate houses. People can move across town or across the world because of the aftermath of a divorce. They meet someone new, take a different job, return to where their extended family lives, or just decide they need a change.

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