Child Support Updates For 2017


The Michigan Child Support Formula Manual has been recently updated and these changes will become effective January 1, 2017. The last manual update was 2013. B elow is a list of the changes to the manual:

  • The phrase "Extraordinary medical" was changed to "additional medical" and "third party custodian" was changed to "nonparent custodian in an effort to reconcile the plain meaning of the phrases.
  • 1.04(E) High-income deviation factor removed and a new cost-benefit deviation factor added.
  • 2.01(C)(4) Service member housing pay changed.
  • 2.01(C) 2.07 Employer contributions to pension or retirement plans removed from the income section. Deduction for voluntary contributions to pension or retirement plans eliminated.
  • 2.01(D) and 2.07(G) Employer reimbursements for tuition, educational costs, uniforms and payments to health savings accounts do not count as income.
  • 2.01(E)(4) Allowable deductions for taxes for self-employed and business owners/executives clarified.
  • 2.01(G) Imputation factors (f) and (i) amended. New subsection (4) covering barred practices that violate case law added.
  • 2.01(I) 2.01(J) Dependent benefit provisions expanded to include benefits paid on a parent's behalf from other government insurance programs in the same manner as Social Security Benefits.
  • 2.01(k) New subsection on children's dependent benefits based on parents' earnings records added
  • 2.01(M) 2.07(G) Employer reimbursements of expenses clarified and new subsection added.
  • 2.07(F) Deduction for a parent's cost for mandatory health care coverage added.
  • 3.02(B)(4) 3.02(E) General Care Equation calculation clarified for high income cases. New subsection about Extremely High Family Income added.
  • 3.03 Parental Time Offset Equation exponent reduced to 2.5.
  • 3.04 New provision added to include two exceptions when a court may permit handling all medical expenses as "additional medical expenses."
  • 3.04(D) Threshold for enforcing medical expenses under MCL 552.511a added.
  • 3.05 Reasonable cost increased to 6% and clarified how cost is figured. Restriction to routinely requiring that both parents maintain coverage added. Provisions allowing coverage through a family member's insurance and dividing premiums added.
  • 3.07 Benefit Credit for amounts paid for the children on a parent's behalf expanded from Social Security to include other government insurance programs. Warning about alienating federal benefits from a child's representative payee added.
  • S-3.02 Section and criteria used to determine which parent should maintain health care coverage changed to consider the Affordable Care Act.
  • S-3.03 Adjusting Support Payments for Parenting Time section added.

To read the complete manual, which contains all of the updates, download a copy of the 2017 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual from the website (just Google "2017 Michigan Child Support Manual" and the PDF document will appear).