What I Love About Volunteering at Gleaners

What I love about volunteering at Gleaners (besides their excellent administration and organization of the volunteers — they are really on the ball) is the opportunity to work with all different types of people: young, old(er) (sadly I fall into the latter category), African-American, Indian, Caucasian, Asian, college-educated, life-educated, churched and non-churched, the employed and the unemployed, the blue and the green (football fans know what I'm talking about); lots of people from all walks of life. But we all have a common purpose: We want to help. We want to do good. We want to make a difference.

This is the beauty of it. This one singular purpose brings us all together in the spirit of cooperation. After receiving instructions from Karen, the volunteer coordinator, people naturally organize themselves into work groups. We find our tasks. We help each other. We take turns. We share. We switch places. We bump into each other. We laugh and slap each other on the back. We find our rhythm. And the work gets done by a group of strangers who will probably never see each other again.

This all happens in the heart of Detroit. On Saturday, November 16, the morning shift (which included SLF) packed 239 boxes and 7,170 lbs. of food. That's cool. I feel good about that. And I know my SLF colleagues feel good about that too.

See you again soon Gleaners!