Michigan Unemployment Benefits Attorney

Michigan Unemployment Law Attorneys

If you were fired or forced to quit your job in Michigan for any reason other than misconduct, you should still be eligible for unemployment benefits. Conflicts and complications may arise when you and your employer disagree as to the nature of your termination.

Laid Off?

Were you involuntarily terminated from your Michigan job — and now encounter difficulty obtaining the unemployment benefits that you believe you should be entitled to? Contact us at the law offices of Schwartz Law Firm, to schedule a consultation if so.

Get Qualified Legal Advice on How to Protect Your Right to Unemployment Benefits

You may have been forced to quit your job as a result of illegal actions on the part of your employer, such as discrimination or a hostile work environment. Our employment lawyers are prepared to advise and assist you as you seek reinstatement or eligibility certification for unemployment benefits because of a constructive discharge. Knowledgeable counsel and representation can help ensure that your legal rights are protected after you lost your job and seek unemployment benefits.

Note: Schwartz Law Firm, located in a Detroit area suburb, also advises and represents employers on employment law matters such as unemployment benefits. Our experience and understanding of both sides of the equation works to the advantage of each client.

Representing Both Employers and Employees

Be aware: If you receive unemployment benefits and it is later determined that you were not eligible for them, you may be required to pay back the benefits that you received. Appropriate advice and guidance through the process of pursuing and obtaining employment benefits can help prevent such a troublesome outcome. Call or email an employment law attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan, for a free consultation to discuss any key aspect of your case, such as discharge or firing because of alleged misconduct, coerced voluntary resignation, restitution hearings and appeals.

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