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Defense Against Fraud/Misrepresentation of Unemployment Compensation

Have you been accused of fraud or misrepresentation in the receipt of unemployment compensation? Seek the help of an attorney who has specific experience in defending clients against such claims.

Michigan Unemployment Attorney

At the Schwartz Law Firm, attorney Mary A. Mahoney has more than two decades of legal experience. She has specific knowledge and litigation skills in cases involving allegations of fraud or misrepresentation in obtaining unemployment compensation. For vigorous and highly professional defense against such charges, schedule a free initial consultation. Do not wait, even if you only suspect you are under investigation by the Attorney General's Office. The sooner our seasoned attorney can start working on your case, the better.

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Aggressive Unemployment Compensation Fraud Defense

When an individual or business is accused of providing false information in order to obtain unemployment compensation, this is considered fraud if done willfully. The state will investigate allegations and can pursue charges in criminal court. These are serious felony charges and can result in significant fines and jail time. In addition, a permanent criminal record will affect the rest of your professional career, even the ability to pursue employment.

Our Detroit unemployment compensation attorney will aggressively defend you against such charges. The state often seeks to recover three times the amount paid out, plus restitution. With so much at stake, you want only the most experienced of attorneys. Contact Mary Mahoney for information about how the firm resolves these cases.

Actions that can be considered unemployment fraud include:

  • Failing to report income earned
  • Failing to report change in employment circumstances
  • Receiving compensation from more than one state agency
  • Providing false information to obtain compensation

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