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Online Solicitation of a Child — Michigan, Lawyer

Charged With Soliciting a Minor on the Internet in Michigan?

Online solicitation of a child is a serious charge with profound consequences if you are convicted in Michigan's courts. Schwartz Law Firm has the experience and resources you need to protect your rights if you are facing charges of soliciting a minor on the Internet in Michigan, or other communities in Macomb County.

Law enforcement officials in Southeast Michigan and the Tri-County area are cracking down on solicitation for sex cases, particularly those cases involving soliciting a minor on the Internet. With the explosion of online chat and social networking sites in recent years, it has become increasingly easier to get caught up in sex charges for a crime you did not even realize you were at risk of committing. Note that entrapment is very difficult to prove, so we will investigate the different ways to defend you.

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Soliciting a Minor on the Internet — What Does It Mean for You?

If you are convicted for soliciting a minor on the Internet, you are facing a variety of consequences and none of them are positive. A conviction will lead to you being forced to join the sex offender registry, which will identify you as a sex offender, making it harder to fit in with your community and find gainful employment for years to come. We will do everything in our power to keep the burden on the prosecution and keep you off of this list, protecting your constitutional rights as well as your cherished privacy.

The Sex Offender Registry — A Stigma You Do Not Want

For people who enjoy their right to privacy and the ability to live their life in peace, being on the sex offender registry is the worst thing that could happen to them. Even worse, the sex offender registry is misleading as it does not specify why your name is on the list. Whether you are convicted for simply chatting with a minor online or committing a sexual assault, nobody will know the difference. Unfortunately, you will be the one paying the price for the vagueness of the registry.

Once your name is placed on the sex offender registry, it will be a chore to simply go on living your life. Your neighbors will be notified that you are a sex offender, making it difficult to fit in or be left alone. The stigma of being a sex offender is something that cannot be washed off or wiped away. Your only chance is to contact an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer who can help you fight back against the prosecution and keep your name off this list in the first place.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

If you are anticipating charges in Michigan, or Macomb County for soliciting a minor on the Internet, get our extensive experience on your side right away. We are fully prepared to provide you with the aggressive defense of your rights that you need during this difficult time.

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