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In 2000, the Department of Justice found that State and Federal courts convicted almost 984,000 adults of felonies. The penalties for a felony conviction can significantly change your life, and the sooner you contact an attorney upon being threatened with a felony sex offense charge, the better chance you have of mounting a successful defense.

Farmington Hills, Michigan, Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been accused of a rape, sexual assault, an Internet child porn sting or a different sex crime, a dedicated criminal defense attorney can provide aggressive representation to protect your legal rights and ultimately your freedom. Farmington Hills, Michigan, sex offense defense attorneys of the Schwartz Law Firm will spend the time necessary to discover all available defenses. If convicted of a sex crime, you can face substantial jail time, sex offender registration requirements, fear of the unknown and shame. We can help you defend yourself against sex-related criminal charges in the Detroit area and throughout Southeast Michigan.

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