Distribution of Child Pornography

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Charged With Distribution of Child Porn in Detroit, Michigan?

If you have been arrested for the possession of child pornography in Detroit, Michigan, you could be in a world of trouble. Nothing short of an experienced sex crimes defense attorney will do for protecting your rights and preserving your freedoms and privacy.

When child porn is found in your home or on your computer in Detroit, Michigan, or Wayne County, you face significant criminal consequences if you are convicted. These consequences include jail time, a mandatory minimum prison sentence, sex offender registration and difficulty finding employment.

At Schwartz Law Firm, our experienced criminal defense attorneys provide people with an aggressive defense from sex crimes charges. We work to mitigate the exposure you receive in your case and lessen the impact the legal process will have on your life. If you are facing charges for distribution of child porn in Detroit, Michigan, you cannot afford anything less than the most experienced representation.

Contact our experienced sex crimes defense attorneys today to discuss your situation. We offer free initial consultations and are willing to travel to meet with our clients.

The Sex Offender Registry - A Lasting Stigma

If you are convicted, the most invasive part will be your requirement to register as a sex offender, giving up your privacy and advertising to your community that you are a convicted sex offender. Even worse, the registry does not specify why you are on the list, leaving people to imagine any number of offenses that could have led to your sex crimes conviction.

The best way to keep your name off of the sex offender registry is to have an experienced attorney handling your case from the first sign of trouble. At Schwartz Law Firm we provide clients with the skilled representation they need, keeping the burden of proof on the prosecution as we aggressively defend your rights and work diligently to avoid a conviction and keep your name off of the sex offender registry.

The State of Your Computer at the Time of Arrest Is Critical

You need an attorney who will keep the burden of proof on the prosecution if you have been arrested for distribution of child porn in Detroit, Michigan. The porn you are accused of distributing may not even be yours. It is very common for multiple people in a dwelling to use the same computer. You could be charged with distribution of child porn years after the porn was downloaded by someone else using the same computer. The porn may even have been deleted long ago, while leaving traces on your hard drive that get you in trouble today. We will fight aggressively to make the prosecution go to extensive lengths to prove it is yours.

Contact Us Immediately

With the consequences for a distribution of child porn conviction so severe, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you believe you are innocent of this crime. There is often little room to plead in these cases, making it imperative to have an experienced trial attorney standing up for your rights.

If you are facing charges for distribution of child porn, don't wait. Contact us today.