Possession of Child Pornography

Charged With Possession of Child Porn in Detroit, Michigan?

You Need the Help of an Experienced Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

If you have been accused, arrested or charged with possession of child porn in Detroit, Michigan, or Wayne County, you need the help of a skilled sex crimes defense lawyer to protect your rights. With Michigan's strict sentencing guidelines, you are facing serious consequences if convicted such as mandatory minimum jail sentences, registering as a sex offender, trouble finding employment and the stigma of being a convicted and registered sex offender.

At Schwartz Law Firm, we provide clients in Detroit and elsewhere in Wayne County, Michigan, with a tenacious defense of their rights when they have been charged with possession of child porn. We work closely with our clients to limit their exposure and minimize the effects these charges have on their lives. Our goal is to win your case and allow you to put this difficult time behind you and move on with your rights intact.

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If you are facing charges for possession of child porn, you owe it to yourself to get the best legal defense possible. Contact our experienced sex crimes defense attorneys today for a free consultation.

The Sex Offender Registry: Something You Don't Want to Be a Part Of

Whether police officers found child porn in your home or on your hard drive after getting a search warrant or you were linked to another child porn bust, you are facing serious consequences if you are convicted. Perhaps the most serious consequence is the requirement that you register as a convicted sex offender, alerting your employer and neighbors to your criminal record and eliminating your sense of privacy.

Once you are on the sex offender registry, you can't get off of it. You will be left with the stigma that accompanies a sex crimes conviction for the rest of your life. If you fail to register after a move, you can receive even more punishment as that is considered to be a parole violation. When it comes to the sex offender registry, the bottom line is that you don't want to be on it.

If you are facing possession of child porn charges, you need a skilled attorney fighting for you. We have extensive experience with these issues and understand how to present a compelling case to the jury, and give you a chance to achieve a positive resolution to your legal issues.

Don't Let a Youthful Indiscretion Ruin Your Life

It happens somewhere every day in this country. A teenager sends or receives a text message that contains a nude picture. A minor can be charged with indecent exposure, distribution of child porn and possession of child porn in this situation. A conviction, even as a minor, could have a significant effect on the rest of your life, making it important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

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