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Laws affecting businesses and individuals change often. Every day, state legislatures and judges make hundreds of decisions that affect the way we practice.

We know that keeping you informed will help you make better decisions about your own case as you deal with family law, criminal law, business and corporate, personal injury or estate planning legal matters.

This blog page is intended to serve as a forum for discussing new legislation, case studies and relevant court decisions in business and tax law. Periodically, we will update the information and blog topics, so please return often to see the most current posts and comments.

We appreciate your interest in the law offices of Schwartz Law Firm, P.C. Your input is taken seriously. We invite your feedback about this and future blog posts on this page. Thank you for visiting. Call us toll free at our law offices in Farmington Hills, Michigan, at 888-757-1681 or contact the law firm by e-mail to schedule a consultation with an attorney.