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April 2010 Archives

Termination of Parental Rights Does Not Terminate Child Support

Recently, the Michigan Court of Appeals handed down a ruling clarifying that involuntary termination of parental rights for abuse or neglect does not absolve the parent whose rights were terminated from paying child support. The Michigan statute authorizing termination of parental rights for abuse and neglect, MCL 712A.19b, does not address the effects of termination of parental rights on child support obligations.

Ill-Behaved Parents Poor Examples at Sporting Events

Most parents try to teach their children how to behave in a civilized society, to "share" and to "be nice," yet those same parents toss the rules when they attend their own child's sporting events. According to an article posted on the AP Wednesday, April 7, more than 35 percent of adults worldwide have witnessed a parent become physically or verbally abusive toward a coach or official at a children's sporting event. In a survey of 22 countries, the United States ranked the highest (60%) for ill-behaved parents, with residents of India a close second (59%). Italy came third (55% -- were the pollers at a soccer event?), Argentina fifth (54%) and Canada 6th (53%).

Brazilian Grandparents Thwarted by Troxel

The grandparents of a boy brought from Brazil to his father's New Jersey residence after a five year international custody battle was denied the "right" to visitation with their grandson. Father had been enmeshed in a protracted custody battle with the mother, who had taken the child to her native Brazil in 2004. She divorced the father there and remarried (a lawyer no less).. After the mother died in 208, the abduction case received world-wide attention. Father repeatedly traveled to Brazil to visit his son, but was unable to bring him to the U.S. until after a U.s. Senator began traveling with him. Father denied visitation to the grandparents so he could have time to get to know his son. The boy is reported to be doing well at his new home and in school. The grandparents were miffed about father denying visitation and filed an emergency motion in court. The NJ court rightly found that the situation was not an "emergency," and ruled against them. Apparently counsel for the grandparents has never heard of Troxel. The entire AP story can be found here.


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