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Parental School Involvement and Child Custody

Child custody decisions are affected by many factors. Last week, the topic for this blog was the role of smoking by a parent. Another factor, commentators suggest, is involvement with a child’s education.

Oakland County child custody lawyers are familiar with this process, because it occurs in Southeast Michigan as well as across the country. In disputes over custody, teachers are sometimes called as witnesses in court to give evidence about the degree of involvement that a particular parent has in his or her child’s education.

When parents have separated, there is a risk that one of the parents will be shut out of decisions about a child’s school work and activities. This is particularly true for a parent who does not have physical custody.

It is often the mother who volunteers at school and takes a more direct role than the father in making sure that homework gets down. In a battle over custody, this can make the dad seem disengaged to the court. Custody and visitation rights attorneys know that these situations need to be handled with care.

If there is a temporary custody arrangement in place, it can be tempting for the non-custodial parent to use parenting time for playtime. After all, being a homework taskmaster isn’t always a recipe for winning a popularity contest with the kids.

But it’s important to recognize just how important homework – and school in general – really is. In a highly competitive global economy, school is the gateway to success. And parents need to know that their level engagement with what happens can have many consequences.

Source: “Want Custody of Your Kids? Get Involved With Their School!” Huffington Post, 3-8-12