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Divorce Expos and the Building of Support Communities for Divorce

Going through a divorce can feel like a lonely process, but it does not have to be especially as a new phenomenon begins to emerge: divorce expositions. Divorce expositions are a relatively new thing in the divorce world, but they are becoming more commonplace and help divorcees-to-be and divorcees alike. One recently was held in Michigan.

A divorce expo is unlike other types of expos because a divorce expo’s purpose is not to promote divorce but to offer support and resources. People who have gone through divorce have life experience that people who have not divorced will never know. It makes sense then that divorced people should have access to services that are particular to them.

Divorce expositions serve as a place to network and build support as individuals adjust to their new life after divorce. Even though divorce is common in the United States, some individuals who have gone through divorce say there can still be a stigma. As attendees become part of a group with a shared experience, they can feel more comfortable and attend panels and visit booths that address legal and financial issues. Attendees can even receive tips from dating coaches.

One 43-year-old mother who was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about her divorce exposition experience said it was so beneficial that she delayed the court date to finalize her divorce so that she could be more informed. The mother found the expo to be informative and found the social aspect of being a part of something to be particularly attractive.

Another divorced mother looked forward to getting advice on how to manage her relationship with her former husband and how to rediscover herself. As the 37-year-old mother put it, the exposition is “really helpful to surround yourself with people in the same situation and learn from their experience.”

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