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Employment Discrimination at Issue in Actions of Bay City Police Department

Police are responsible for enforcing the law fairly. It is therefore especially important that police departments follow the law themselves.

As Michigan employment discrimination law attorneys, however, we are concerned about recent employment decisions made by the Bay City Police Department.

Our firm is representing William J. Blood, a former Bay City officer, in an age discrimination lawsuit. Mr. Blood worked for the department for six years before he was dismissed in 2010 at age 43.

After dismissing Blood, the Bay City Police Department hired a younger officer to replace him. Blood has already filed an age discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Mary A. Mahoney of our firm is representing William Blood in his age discrimination lawsuit against Bay City. The suit contends that Blood’s supervisors repeatedly wrote him up for minor infractions based on specious, unfounded factual assertions by management.

William Blood’s wife, Jennifer Blood, is also a former Bay City police officer and has also filed a lawsuit against the department. She charges sex discrimination in her termination, which came only a week before her husband was also terminated.

Jennifer Blood’s suit contends that she was treated differently than similarly situated male colleagues and subjected to derogatory sexist comments by supervisory personnel.

At issue in these cases, then, are age discrimination and sex discrimination. They call into question the fundamental fairness of the Bay City Police Department’s personnel policies. This includes its commitment to an even-handed application of a progressive discipline policy for police officers.

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