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Child Custody Dispute Rocks Michael Jackson’s Family

Michigan residents may know that the children of Michael Jackson are now the subject of a child custody dispute stemming from a battle over the deceased King of Pop’s will. Their grandmother and legal guardian, with whom the children reside, disappeared over the weekend and allegations surfaced that she was being blocked from contacting the children.

While the grandmother was gone, three of Jackson’s siblings showed up in the children’s driveway and caused a scuffle with them, allegedly trying to grab their cell phones from them.

It turns out that the children’s grandmother was visiting a relative in Arizona. A Los Angeles judge suspended her guardianship while she was away and appointed another family member as temporary guardian. It is expected that the grandmother’s lawyer will request reinstatement of her guardianship responsibilities this week.

Michigan Child Custody Disputes

In Michigan, as elsewhere in the country, courts try to resolve child custody disputes involving children based on what is in the best interests of the children. One of the central issues in custody disputes is legal custody, which involves making major decisions such as health care, religious upbringing and schooling. The other serious issue to be determined in a custody battle is physical custody, which specifies where the child will primarily live.

If the parties are unable to resolve the myriad of issues that are inherent in child custody disputes, then either mediation or court intervention is required. Once it is decided who has physical custody of the child (or children), the Michigan Parenting Time Guideline can help parents figure out mutually agreeable parenting time.

The dispute in the Jackson case centers on Michael Jackson’s massive estate and a will that three of Jackson’s siblings allege is false. The will leaves the entire estate to his mother and children. Hopefully, in spite of the vast sums of wealth at stake, the best interests of the Jackson children will govern the outcome of this case.

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