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September 2012 Archives

Families Bring Lawsuit Against Agencies for Adoption Fraud

Parents who want to create a family or add to their family have a few options. Adoption can be an excellent way to bring a child into family and can be accomplished through independent means or through an adoption agency. Adoption agencies are either public or private and the state regulates them as they work to place children with new parents.

Divorce Settlement for Former Michigan State Basketball Star

Divorce may never be an easy process but adding criminal proceedings to the mix can complicate things even more. Charlie Bell, a former Michigan State University basketball player who went on to play professionally, is finally divorced from his former wife, Kenya. Unfortunately, his ex-wife's plea of guilty to attacking him with a box cutter is not preventing him from paying out a large sum in the divorce settlement.

Michigan Child Support: Lack of Income Difficult to Prove

The Michigan Supreme Court has held that a parent's lack of resources could be a defense for not paying child support. The ruling marks a change from previous law. In practice, however, proving inability to pay may be very difficult.


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