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Divorce Settlement for Former Michigan State Basketball Star

Divorce may never be an easy process but adding criminal proceedings to the mix can complicate things even more. Charlie Bell, a former Michigan State University basketball player who went on to play professionally, is finally divorced from his former wife, Kenya. Unfortunately, his ex-wife’s plea of guilty to attacking him with a box cutter is not preventing him from paying out a large sum in the divorce settlement.

The settlement is over $1 million. Kenya will receive $1,000 per month in child support for the couple’s two children. Also, Kenya gets to keep their home in Michigan. She will also get $780,000 from Charlie’s savings account, compared to his share of $656,000. In addition, Kenya will receive $670,000 from a second account, as well as 50 percent of Charlie’s 401k and retirement benefits from playing in the National Basketball Association.

Charlie Bell spent five seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks, but no longer has a contract with the NBA. Kenya now stars on the reality show “Basketball Wives.” Charlie Bell argued that Kenya should pay support him instead, on the grounds that he makes less money without a contract.

The judgment from August 27 went the other way, however, granting Kenya a substantial share of the marital assets.

When it comes to property division in Michigan, marital property is supposed to be split equitably. This means not necessarily mean a 50 / 50 split in every case. In order to determine what is equitable, courts looks at a number of issues such as marital fault. Interestingly enough, the court did not consider Kenya’s 2011 arrest for allegedly breaking into a home and attacking Bell as a factor in limiting her award in the divorce settlement.

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