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October 2012 Archives

Thousands of Michigan children in need of foster homes

Foster parents play a very important role in our society and for our children. A good foster care situation helps a child thrive while in transition or waiting for adoption. A local agency in Michigan is fighting to keep more foster parents in the system.

Improvement in economy may mean more Michigan couples are able to divorce

Now that the recession is over it seems that divorce may be an option for some couples struggling with their marriage. Many couples put divorce on hold for the last few years simply because they felt like the process was not financially feasible. For Michigan residents, divorce declined during the recession as families faced diminishing home values and investments, not to mention unemployment and lower wages.

Change in Michigan paternity law gives father a second chance

When parents are not married, there is no assumption of parentage, and it may become necessary to determine the paternity of a child. Under a previous Michigan law, the husband was presumed to be the biological parent of children born during marriage. But this law no longer stands. Michigan's governor recently signed a new law that allows biological fathers the ability to pursue their rights as a parent.

Detroit police chief going through public divorce

When married couples decide to part ways, the ensuing process can be a tumultuous time in their lives. No matter how amicable, divorce can be stressful. Not only is the relationship ending but couples face any number of issues such as property division, asset division and, potentially, child custody disputes.

Michigan Judge Sued for Failure to Support Children

It sounds like a movie script. A judge in Genesee County faces a lawsuit by another attorney for failure to pay child support. The attorney claims that the judge is the father of her two children but that he did not help support the children. Ironically, the judge is renowned for being an advocate for responsible fathers.

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