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Detroit police chief going through public divorce

When married couples decide to part ways, the ensuing process can be a tumultuous time in their lives. No matter how amicable, divorce can be stressful. Not only is the relationship ending but couples face any number of issues such as property division, asset division and, potentially, child custody disputes.

Complications are only escalated when the divorce is forced into the public view. For Detroit’s police chief, any hope he had for a private divorce from his wife of 21 years may be lost. The attorney for the chief’s estranged wife said that the two worked to keep the details of their divorce private but, because of recent events, that is not possible.

The chief was recently suspended from his position due to allegations of a sexual relationship with a subordinate employee, and it is these claims that brought the details of his pending divorce to light. According to his wife’s lawyer, the claim of the internal relationship is not the first time she suspected infidelity.

Detroit’s mayor suspended the chief for 30 days during an investigation into the claims. The chief was also ordered to pay money to his family for expenses.

The police chief filed for divorce in August. The chief and his wife must now deal with both the divorce and the added difficulty of being in the public eye.

For other couples wanting a quiet divorce, more private options may be available. For couples willing to maintain a sense of civility and work towards a more expedient resolution, processes such as mediation can bring an end to a divorce while protecting both parties’ interests.

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