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Michigan couples watch out for increased divorces in January

The holiday season is full of many happy moments but it can also be a very stressful time for families. The stress of the season may be one reason that some Michigan couples end up filing for divorce in January.

The increase in divorces at the beginning of the New Year creates the title of January as “divorce month” and more divorces are filed around the new year than during any other month. The spike in divorces and legal separations may be due to a number of reasons. People might be hopefully optimistic that the holiday season will bring them and their spouse closer or heal a trouble relationship.

There is also the viewpoint that stress from the holidays might be the last straw in an already strained marriage. Couples may also consider the tax implications of a divorce and wait until January to file. Couples struggling financially might have postponed a divorce until the New Year when it seems more affordable. Additionally, the culture of January 1 means new beginnings and a fresh start for many Americans and may seem like the appropriate time to file for divorce.

But even though divorce may be seen as the answer to a stress-filled marriage or home-life. The divorce process itself can also be emotionally draining. Before couples file for divorce they may want to consider all their resources, including therapy. If nothing works, then an experience divorce attorney may be able to assist the couple through the legal process, as well as provide alternatives to the courtroom, like mediation or collaborative divorce. An attorney can help prepare the couple for the all the potential discussions involving child custody issues, parenting time and asset division.

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