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Michigan agency discusses Russia’s threat to ban adoptions

It’s starting to look like an international feud may have negative consequences on families waiting to adopt in the United States. The feud is between Russia and the U.S. The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin is upset with a recent law in the U.S. and is threatening to ban the adoption of Russian children by American parents.

The political retaliation leaves many questions remaining for Michigan families waiting to adopt from Russia. A West Michigan adoption agency says that almost 30 families could be affected if Putin approve the ban. This is especially disheartening for these families who started the adoption process a long time ago. The entire process can take two years at the least and there are currently six families who are within the last stage before the adoption is complete.

Parents place a lot of time and effort into adopting a child and if an adoption falls through, families often feel as though they lost a child. In the same way that new parents prepare a baby room, adoptive parents also prepare their home for the arrival of a new family member. It can be a very emotional time.

Money is another concern. The adoption process is not inexpensive and families spend thousands on the adoption costs and travelling to Russia.

Because of the threatened ban, many adoption agencies are telling parents to hold off on considering Russia as an option. The Michigan agency is also pleading with Putin to think of the children and not use them as political leverage. Parents considering adoption or who are in the middle of the adoption process may want to consider speaking with an attorney to cover all their bases. The last thing a family wants is for an adoption to fall through and a family law attorney may be able to provide assistance and guidance through the process.

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