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Local legal aid clinic offers free family law advice

Every family deals with its own unique troubles and concerns. And certainly no family is immune from family law issues. But unfortunately, not all families are able to afford the legal assistance that is so critical to deal with these matters successfully.

This is all too serious of a reality for many people in the Oakland County, Farmington Hills area. Low-income residents may be going through a divorce or child custody hearing without the support of legal counsel. This status quo wasn’t good enough for one local group. The Family Law Assistance Project in Auburn Hills offers its legal services to the low-income residents in the area. The non-profit works with over 150 attorneys who volunteer their time and expertise. All of the services are free of charge.

Local law students also offer assistance at the non-profit, thus helping them gain expertise while providing much-needed legal aid. The inclusion of students is one of the many reasons that the Family Law Assistance Project received such a large grant from the Oakland County Bar Foundation.

Every week, the non-profit offers walk-in clinics to deal with issues ranging from custody matters to divorce to paternity and even protection orders. The clinics allow the volunteers to look for future representation opportunities. Attorneys give advice where requested and suggest options on how to move forward.

Couples that decide to divorce and families going through legal struggles really should seek the counsel of a Farmington Hills divorce lawyer or family law attorney in the area. An attorney can provide guidance and knowledge of the legal system and ensure a better outcome for all of the parties involved. Even if a person doesn’t have the finances to hire an attorney, there are a number of options that lawyers can provide to work with and help those in need.

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