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Michael Jordan at center of paternity dispute

When unmarried parents have a child, there are sometimes additional hurdles to jump through in order to show that the man is, in fact, the biological father of the child. Proof of parentage is important for a number of reasons, including establishing visitation rights or child support responsibilities. But if one parent is not amenable to the paternity determination, a paternity dispute often results.

Michael Jordan, the famed Chicago Bulls basketball legend, currently finds himself at the center of a paternity dispute. He previously asked the court to dismiss the suit filed against him. A woman in Atlanta filed the lawsuit claiming that Jordan is father to her now 16-year-old son. Jordan denies these claims and says they are false accusations.

Jordan already released a statement through a spokesperson that states the child’s paternity was previously established in divorce filings between the mother and her ex-husband. The basketball star also filed a counterclaim, which asks for sanctions against the mother for the false claims.

The mother asked the court to force Jordan to take a paternity test, a DNA test. The woman wants to change her son’s last name to Jordan and requests child support. Her attorney says she is acting now because her son wants to establish a relationship with his father.

Well-recognized and famous athletes often deal with types of claims and attempts to gain child support but paternity disputes are common even for the non-famous among us. Both parties in a paternity case have the right to an attorney and any father asked to take a DNA test should consider speaking with a Michigan paternity dispute lawyer before moving forward with the process.

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