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April 2013 Archives

Couples get in trouble hiding assets during a divorce

When married couples split, the legal proceeding that follow can easily turn contentious. Especially when large amounts of assets are involved, greed can make any divorce ugly. The important thing for Michigan couples to remember is that honesty is always the best policy.

Lions football player involved in child support dispute

It's not mystery that emotions run high during family court cases, especially those that involved support or custody disputes. Minor children have a right to be financially supported by their parents and this especially comes into play when parents separate or are unmarried. Sometimes a court must step in and decide which parent gets custody and which parent pays child support.

Michigan man guilty of parental kidnapping

When parents go through a divorce, many different issues need to be discussed and sorted out. Whether or not the parents choose to get a judge or court involved, or reach an agreement on their own, the important point is to simply agree on the outcome. Reaching a consensus on child support or custody matters may seem impossible but the more that parties can come to terms with the arrangement, the more likely each side is to follow through with the plan.

Parents must look elsewhere to adopt as Russia closes its doors

Choosing to adopt a child is a huge decision for families. The adoption process can be long and rigorous and once parents start down this road and get their hopes up, it is hard to turn back. The process can be quite expensive, reaching the tens of thousands, and parent may have to undergo extensive background checks.

Michigan county offers amnesty to parents behind on support payments

When parents separate, there are many financial and support decisions that must be made. Minor children have a right to the financial support of a parent. Courts are often involved in these determinations and a judge may decide which parent will pay child support and how much that parent will pay. Sometimes making consistent payments is easier said than done. For this reason, both the person paying support and the recipient can seek legal help if there are issues with the payments.

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