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Mich. man threatens judges, makes divorce case more complicated

Sometimes our tempers get the best of us. But if there ever is a time to keep emotions in check, it is during a divorce proceeding or child custody dispute.

A Michigan man may have to learn this lesson the hard way. He was recently charged with three counts of maliciously using a telecommunication device. Each one of these counts comes with a maximum sentence of six months jail time. The man from Flat Rock, Michigan, allegedly made threats via Internet postings and telephone calls against two county probate judges. The man appeared to be upset at how the county is handling is divorce case.

Police claims that the man made the vulgar threats through the judges’ work phones and also on one of the judge’s website.

The 43-year-old man is in the midst of a divorce as well as under a personal protection order. The protection order bars him from contact with his children. He appeared before another judge who set his bond at $5,000 in addition to numerous conditions. The conditions maintain that the man stay with his brother. He was order to wear a tether and is not use alcohol or other controlled substances. He is also not allowed any contact with the judges that he allegedly threatened and can’t go to the courthouse without supervision.

The man says that he did not actually mean anything by the threats and he is afraid that the subsequent charges will cause him to lose his job. But police aren’t backing down. They are taking the threats seriously and believe that the man is potentially dangerous to not only the judge and their families, but his own family.

Instead of acting out and threatening the judges, the man would have helped himself much more by remaining calm and non-volatile. Although emotions do run high during divorces, legal separations and other family law matters, sometimes it is best to speak to attorney before acting out of instinct. The advice from a Farmington Hills divorce lawyer may help prevent situations like this from unraveling into a greater mess.

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