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Michigan attempts to make adoption process easier

Creating a family is many people’s dream. But everyone’s path to achieving that dream is not always straightforward. Many Michigan parents may have trouble having children naturally, or simply given their live circumstances, adoption may be their only chance at having a family. Unfortunately, the adoption process can be a harrowing and time consuming process.

But new measures recently introduced in the Michigan legislature may make the whole process much easier for state residents. The package was introduced containing five adoption-related bills.

As for the details of the legislation, one measure would give biological, birth mothers 3 days (72 hours) to revoke their consent. Currently, there is no limit in place on whether the birth mom can change her mind about the adoption. The current law may leave many adopting parents with unease because the birth mom could change her mind at any point. There would be no real piece of mind.

A second provision in the package would reduce the supervisory period for families who adopt children. If the adoptive child is less than a year old, the new measure would shorten the supervision down to three months from the current six. The six-month period would remain in place for children older than the age of one.

Hopefully, if passed, this new package will make the adoption process a little smoother and less time consuming for families, while continuing to look out for the best interests of the adoptive child and the birth mother. Regardless of the legislatures decisions, families considering adoption should consider working with a Michigan adoption law firm to make sure that everything in the process is completed legally and avoid any unpleasant outcomes for all the parties involved.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Bill would make adoption process easier in Michigan,” May 2, 2013