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June 2013 Archives

Michigan agencies don't welcome all adopting parents

Ask any parent who has been through the process or any parent who has considered going through the process and they will tell you that adoption is certainly not an easy feat. Although, once a family is created, it is clear that the benefits of adoption far outweigh any perceived costs. But the benefit of adoption is not within reach of all Michigan citizens. Some adoption agencies in the state do not allow a gay person to adopt.

Michigan father taking fight for son to Court of Appeals

Basic family law teaches us that the question of paternity most often comes about when two parents are not married. Unmarried fathers may need to take a paternity test to either prove, or disprove, that they are the father of the child. Things get even more complicated if the child is born as the result of an affair with a married woman.

State and local agencies work on child support collection

Through federal law, each state has the authority to enforce child support payments. The Child Support Enforcement Program was enacted in 1975 and since that time states have created their own methods of collecting child support and enforcing payments.

Trouble for Michigan mom who refused to administer drug to child

While families and family members are often the bright spot in people's lives, sometimes families run into hard times or may not get along. It should be comforting for Michigan families to know that they have the support of the family court system and other public health and child services organizations to get them through these tough times. But the family court system isn't always perfect and can make mistakes. And while family courts often make tough decisions regarding custody issues, no parent wants to lose legal custody of their child simply for doing what he or she believes is in the best interests of the child.

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