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Friend of Court heads into Detroit area collecting child support

Child support in Michigan in established for a reason. Children rely on those payments for daily living costs, as well as unexpected expenses that come with raising a child. States understand the importance of child support and don’t want to allow parents to fall behind in making payments. Even for parents who move out of the state or county, there are ways they can be traced. And certain counties are willing to travel to track down money owed.

The Friend of the Court, which is located in Genesee County recently partnered with Wayne County in order to start looking for parents in Detroit who owed support money in Genesee. This is the first time that The Friend of the Court went outside their usual territory to locate deadbeats. The trip into Wayne County resulted in over $6,000 in collections and 11 arrests for unpaid child support.

Five people were able to make back payments but six of the located were not. Those six were taken back to Genesse and put in jail. One man in particular owed $125,000 in child support and still remains in jail at this time.

Travelling into such a heavily populated area, like Detroit, was new for The Friend of the Court, but the trip was quite successful. Previously, they only entered a smaller county in the state but feel like they can now expand their options into counties like Oakland.

Child support enforcement isn’t impossible but it sometimes takes a little effort from local courts and agencies. Parents who are not receiving the child support they are owed and need should contact a qualified professional, and figure out their options for enforcing a support order.

Courts can be sympathetic to parents who can no longer afford the payments under an existing order. It is always better to come forward and ask for modification rather than stop making payments altogether. Child support is established because it is in the best interest of the child, and if those payments stop, often the child is negatively affected. If modification is needed, that should be done timely so penalties are not implemented.

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