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When parents divorce with very young children

It’s the news that no parents want to hear: a divorce may have a negative impact on their children. Parents in Michigan make the difficult decision to divorce after much contemplation as to how the split will affect their family and their children. Although parents may convince themselves that it won’t affect young children as much since they are too young to remember the divorce, it appears that may not be the case.

Research from a new study indicates that children who experience divorce at a young age struggle more in developing close relationships with their parents in the future. The study found that if parents divorce when their children are under three to five years of age, the children tend to feel less secure in their relationships with their parents than those children who were older at the time of divorce.

The security includes the feeling of being able to trust a parent. Children who experience divorce at an older age are more likely to think that they can depend on their parents and that the parent will be there for them. Children who are younger at the time of divorce may have trouble opening up and being comfortable with depending on loved ones.

The study analyzed nearly 8,000 people and more specifically, their personalities and relationships with others. From that number, over one-third of the people studied were from a divorced household and researchers focused on the parent-child relationship.

Although the results of this study may not deter parents from divorcing entirely, it may be something to contemplate, especially in terms of the timing issue. Parents want what is best for their children and whenever they choose to go through the divorce process, a smooth and non-contentious divorce will always be the easiest for children involved. Speaking to a Farmington Hills divorce lawyer is one important way to make sure that the process is completed quickly and as amicably as possible.

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