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August 2013 Archives

Supreme Court adoption battle reaches agreement, but not closure

It seems to be the never-ending legal battle, and one that may certainly make Michigan parents think twice about adopting. Nonetheless, the worst part about the case, which has reached the U.S. Supreme Court and back, is that the case is a dispute over a young, 3-year-old girl. The little girl is in the middle of this heated adoption dispute between her adoptive parents and her biological father.

Detroit first baseman files for divorce

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a pending divorce, it may be hard to hide the emotional toll from family and friends. The stress surrounding the end of a marriage and other family law issues can even impact a person's work performance. This might make more sense now to Detroit baseball fans who have recently questioned the sluggish performance of first baseman Prince Fielder, only to learn that he filed for divorce this spring.

Divorce and child custody dispute last longer than marriage

When Michigan couples divorce, it is up to them to decide how pleasant or acrimonious they wish the proceedings to be. For the most part, couples can choose how to approach a divorce or child custody dispute and this approach will set the tone for the whole process.

Keeping the cost of divorce down

When it comes to marital issues, financial concerns are usually at the top of the list. Financial strain or arguments about money can place an enormous burden on couples. Often this burden is too much to bear and couples may opt for divorce. Strangely enough, this financial concern also carries over into the divorce process.

Michigan man ordered to pay child support for child who isn't his

It's common sense that fathers should only be required to pay for children that are their biological or legally adopted children. States put laws in place to make sure that fathers and parents do pay child support for their children. But sometimes the good intentions of these laws backfire and don't play out as expected.

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