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Detroit first baseman files for divorce

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a pending divorce, it may be hard to hide the emotional toll from family and friends. The stress surrounding the end of a marriage and other family law issues can even impact a person’s work performance. This might make more sense now to Detroit baseball fans who have recently questioned the sluggish performance of first baseman Prince Fielder, only to learn that he filed for divorce this spring.

Fielder and his wife married in 2005, but he filed for dissolution of marriage at the end of May of this year. The filing may be a surprise for many since the pair renewed their vows only a year ago.

The couple has property in Michigan, where Fielder plays ball, and a home in Florida. His wife, Chanel Fielder, lives in Florida with the couple’s two boys. The divorce was filed in Florida court.

Chanel followed up after the initial filing and requested that she be granted temporary support and payment of her attorney fees. She stated that she didn’t have enough money to pay for the divorce and support herself and the boys. Chanel claims that her husband stopped giving her money once he filed for divorce.

The couple has only been married seven years, but there will still be many issues to work out during the dissolution process. For married couples, asset division is always in play and marital assets will be divided between the two parties. In some instances spousal support or alimony is awarded for one party, depending on the circumstances. For couples with children, child custody and child support are also usually determined during the divorce.

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