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Keeping the cost of divorce down

When it comes to marital issues, financial concerns are usually at the top of the list. Financial strain or arguments about money can place an enormous burden on couples. Often this burden is too much to bear and couples may opt for divorce. Strangely enough, this financial concern also carries over into the divorce process.

This may not be news to Oakland County residents who have been through a divorce but for those who are considering a divorce or are going through the process, a recent poll may be of interest.

A legal forum conducted the survey and asked couples on the verge of divorce what concerned them the most about the process. The number one answer was that divorce would be expensive. Out of nearly 900 users of the legal forum and about 450 attorneys questioned, the results indicated that for couples without children the price of divorce was the biggest concern at almost 60 percent.

For couples with children, the results showed that child custody was the biggest concern, with finances coming in second. Property division was another notable concern garnering 42 percent. Other worries included the length of the divorce process and alimony or spousal support.

The survey polled from all income levels and yet money still ranked as the number one worry. Although the average cost of a divorce may seem high, there are ways to minimize expenses and expedite the process. For couples that already argue enough about money, staying together because of a financial concern may only make the situation worse.

Options for keeping costs down are legal separation until more money is available. Divorce mediation is another valid route. Mediation keeps the divorce out of court and lets the parties come to their own agreements on a divorce settlement. Some couples choose to forego an attorney during divorce in order to save money but in some cases, working with an Oakland County family law attorney may help move the divorce along and get everyone on the same page in a quick and efficient manner. An attorney also helps ensure that the rights of the parties are upheld during a divorce or child custody proceeding.

Those who seek to dissolve their marriage but are unsure of their options should seek out assistance. This will not only quicken up the process but will also give them a better perspective of their current and future issues.

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