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Michigan man ordered to pay child support for child who isn’t his

It’s common sense that fathers should only be required to pay for children that are their biological or legally adopted children. States put laws in place to make sure that fathers and parents do pay child support for their children. But sometimes the good intentions of these laws backfire and don’t play out as expected.

One Michigan man is currently in the middle of a child support dispute over a child that he did not father. The man is the father of two sons. He had the boys with his now ex-wife. He was shocked to find out that his ex-wife recently had another child with another man and that this occurred during a time when the couple was only separated, not yet legally divorced. Even more shocking was the follow-up letter that claimed the man owed almost $9,000 in child support for the child he did not father. And that the order is actually legal.

Under a Michigan law, drafted in 1956 and titled the Paternity Act, a child born to a married woman is considered the child of the woman and her husband. If the biological father happens to be someone other than the husband, the biological father has no rights under the law. Michigan lawmakers have called the law outrageous and the father in this case would probably agree.

A court in charge of the child support determination acknowledged that the youngest son was clearly not the husband’s child but still found that he was responsible for child support. This may seem dramatically unjust to parents who have been through a divorce and child support process, but the situation demonstrates the importance of legal representation in certain family law situations, as any Oakland County Child Support Attorney would probably be able to tell our readers.

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