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Request for spousal support may complicate divorce

For the most part, Michigan couples all hope that a divorce proceeds smoothly and without drama. Sometimes, however, that simply is not the case and, depending on how each party reacts to the process, heated emotions and disputes may be inevitable.

A well-known television star is currently going through a divorce and has proclaimed that it is “not dramatic.” Jane Lynch, the “Glee” celebrity, made the statement before her soon-to-be former wife, Lara Embry, filed for spousal support. Embry submitted legal documents that request nearly $100,000 per month in spousal support. According to the filings, Embry states that Lynch’s financial status substantially increased after her acting career took off. The soon-to-be ex wants to maintain the same lifestyle post-marriage that she enjoyed during the marriage.

The two women were married for three years. Lynch filed for divorce this summer. At the same time she requested that the court not have jurisdiction in awarding spousal support to her ex-wife. Her tone, however, may be changing; Lynch and Embry live in a community property state where marital assets are divided 50/50. In recent interviews, she seems more open about sharing her assets with Embry.

Michigan, on the other hand, is not a community property state. It is a separate property state that follows an equitable distribution scheme during a divorce. This mean that courts tend to divide property in a fair, or equitable, way instead of splitting all marital property in half. If couples have concerns about property division, spousal support or other divorce issues, it may be prudent to speak with an attorney. Farmington Hills Divorce Lawyers may help to minimize the conflict and drama in a divorce and help former partners move on with their new lives.

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