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Convicted Detroit contractor now getting a divorce

Every family has its share of troubles. Sometimes these troubles lead to discord and even divorce. Other times, families may stave off divorce until the other issues subside. The wife of the now infamous Detroit contractor Bobby Ferguson is opting for the former as she has filed for divorce just prior to her husband’s sentencing on his criminal charges. Ferguson could face up to 28 years in prison on racketeering charges.

The marriage previously survived alleged affairs, other women and two federal criminal trials, but apparently, Marilyn “Cookie” Ferguson finally has had enough. She filed for divorce the day after prosecutors claimed that her husband tried to hide assets from federal law enforcement officials and that he also instructed his girlfriend to hide assets for him.

Marilyn appeared to stand by her husband during last year’s trial for federal bid-rigging. She also was a major character in her husband’s racketeering case, as well as in the racketeering case against former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Divorce is not the first legal action Marilyn has taken against her husband. Just last year she sued him for child support. The couple has five children together, but her teenage son was receiving public assistance since his parents did not have the money to support him. The government seized almost $4 million during a search for funds related to a previous corruption scandal involving her husband.

Children are entitled under the law to be financially supported by their parents until the age of majority. This is the case regardless of the parent’s marital status. In cases where one parent fails to meet the obligation of support, a court can issue a child support order. This order establishes the terms and parameters of the support and how those payments are to be made.

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