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November 2013 Archives

Statewide adoption day celebrated in Michigan

Sadly, many of the issues that arise in the family law area have negative connotations. People equate divorce and child custody issues with stressful family disputes. And domestic violence situations are always hard to grasp. But one area of family law that brings happiness to Michigan families is adoption.

Suggestions for parents when discussing divorce

The legal process of divorce falls under the umbrella of family law for a reason. Dissolution of marriage is, in a way, dissolution of the current family structure and the adoption of a new family structure. Numerous parties may be affected by the split, in addition to the married couple. Children of the parents are impacted; even extended family members and close friends may feel the strain of a divorce.

Parents complicate child custody battle over fast food argument

There is a good reason that family courts maintain focus on the best interests of the child when the court is deciding a custody dispute or child support issue. Custody matters in Michigan often arise during a divorce and although parents generally want what is best for their children, parents are not always perfect. Parents can get emotional and upset toward and ex-spouse and that anger can be released in a way that hurts the children involved.

Michigan courts look to mobile device application to ease process

Maybe we should be more surprised that this is the first we are hearing of such technology to enter the court system. But Michigan is moving toward instituting a smartphone application to allow court-goers to check in on a mobile device. The hope is to transition the state court system from its paper-bound ways into the Internet age.

Women consider keeping or changing last name after a divorce

It's a very accurate description to refer to a divorce as a process. There are varying steps and stages. First, one party must file for divorce. Next, the parties must figure out how to divide the property and marital assets. If children are involved, child custody and child support must be decided. Couples may reach a divorce settlement on their own through an out-of-court process like mediation or they may need the assistance of the courtroom. Either way, a Michigan judge must approve the final settlement.

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