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Statewide adoption day celebrated in Michigan

Sadly, many of the issues that arise in the family law area have negative connotations. People equate divorce and child custody issues with stressful family disputes. And domestic violence situations are always hard to grasp. But one area of family law that brings happiness to Michigan families is adoption.

Michigan recently celebrated Michigan Adoption Day on November 26. The statewide celebration occurred just before the holidays and it has been that way for the past 11 years. The annual event works to emphasize the importance of adoption and foster care families throughout the state.

Even judges look forward to the annual celebration. As family court witnesses so much hardship and dysfunction on a daily basis, adoption day embodies the good parts of family law.

The celebration is so popular that many families are willing to hold off on making an adoption official in order to be part of the day. Some families even treat the day like a birthday, the start of a new family. During this year’s adoption day, 80 children became members of families across 30 Michigan counties.

As of the end of September, roughly 13,400 children were part of the state’s foster care system. Michigan officials unfortunately report that many of these children are subject to abuse and neglect. These facts are why adoption is so important to the children of Michigan. At any given time there are 2,700 children who are available for adoption. Families who are interested in adoption can contact a Michigan adoption law attorney in order to learn more about the process and protect their interests if they decide to proceed with adding on to their family.

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