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Suggestions for parents when discussing divorce

The legal process of divorce falls under the umbrella of family law for a reason. Dissolution of marriage is, in a way, dissolution of the current family structure and the adoption of a new family structure. Numerous parties may be affected by the split, in addition to the married couple. Children of the parents are impacted; even extended family members and close friends may feel the strain of a divorce.

Parents who opt to get divorce may quickly jump to the major issues like asset division and custody matters. Couples may seek assistance from a Detroit family law attorney to help them with the legal process. but at some point. Michigan parents will have to tell their children about the divorce. This step is critical to the family dynamic moving forward.

Parents should maintain a unified front when they break the news to their children. This means having prior discussions about the best way to tell the kids. Both parents should be in the room during the discussion with the children, if that is possible. The discussion may get heated or emotional, but parents need to stay calm and avoid any finger-pointing.

Children may want to know the reason for the divorce and parents should be prepared to answer this question. They also may want to know what is going to happen after the divorce. It will help if children know what they can expect and what parts of their life will change.

Children may have lots of questions. Make sure to allow time for these questions and be okay with how the children react to the news of the divorce. Big changes, like divorce, can be tough to accept and understand that it may take some time for kids to accept their new reality. And parents should constantly remind their children of their unconditional love.

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