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Women consider keeping or changing last name after a divorce

It’s a very accurate description to refer to a divorce as a process. There are varying steps and stages. First, one party must file for divorce. Next, the parties must figure out how to divide the property and marital assets. If children are involved, child custody and child support must be decided. Couples may reach a divorce settlement on their own through an out-of-court process like mediation or they may need the assistance of the courtroom. Either way, a Michigan judge must approve the final settlement.

The last part of the divorce process deals with life decisions post-divorce. If wives took their husband’s last name when they got married, they must decide whether or not to keep the name of their ex-husband after the divorce.

Some ex-husbands may have a problem with their former spouse keeping their last name, especially if the former wives remarry. Although it may be irritating, there may not necessarily be anything the former husband can do about the situation.

Generally, women are given the choice to keep the last name. Women may have based their professional career around the name. It can be confusing to clients or business colleagues when there is a name change. Some women may also want to share the same last name as their children from the marriage.

Ex-husbands always have to option to ask their former spouses to drop the name. And even though a name change may not be something that is generally included in a divorce settlement agreement, it may be something important to discuss before the marital separation. A divorce attorney can help guide and counsel couples through this type of issue. It is important to focus on big picture items in order to allow the couple to move on a quickly as possible.

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