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Avoid divorce regrets and focus on children

No one wants to live with regrets. Unfortunately, parents who go through a martial separation seem to share a similar regret. Michigan parents should keep this in mind if they are considering divorce.

A recent study by Seddons, a London law group, found that the biggest regret of divorced couples is the impact and influence the separation has on their children. Out of the 867 people who participated in the survey about one-third of the group reported the effect on their children as their number one regret.

The couples that reported concern for their kids described the changes they observed in their children following the separation. About 32 percent of parents noticed a difference in their children’s emotional health. Others also noticed an impact on their children’s educational performance in school.

On the other hand, 24 percent of participants said that the divorce did not have a bearing on their children and a small number even reported the divorce being a positive influence on their family. These participants had other regrets from divorce including the financial repercussions and how the divorce process was handled.

Couples in the midst of a divorce can take certain steps to protect the well-being of their family and children. Young children, under the age of three, seem to take divorce the hardest and need guidance and support throughout the process. Although it may seem like an uphill battle, children can actually gain strength and confidence if parents make sure to build and sustain stable relationships with their children throughout.

Once parents get a grasp on the health of their children, then they can address other divorce issues like asset and property division. A family law attorney can help alleviate some of the stress of the situation and allow families to focus on what is important.

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