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Importance of handling financial threats during divorce

Certain situations and circumstances bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, divorce may not be one of those times. No matter how much Michigan couples try to be mature and level-headed, emotions run high during divorce and civility may go right out the window.

Agreeing on a divorce settlement may be easier said than done. As couples start to look at their financial assets and divide them up, the threats may begin. Some people use threats as a defense mechanism and start to use finances to intimidate each other. A divorce attorney can help negotiate a settlement but there are ways spouses can deal with emotional outbursts and threats on their own.

First of all, couples should take notes and records of any financial threats made. Not only can writing things down help analyze the behavior and put in perspective but a legal team can also find value in the comments.

Couples should be educated as much as possible on the law and the circumstances. That way when someone makes threats, it is easy to distinguish between what is actually possible under the parameters of the law and what is just grand-standing. Couples should understand basic tenants of divorce and property division, like the difference between marital and separate property and how retirement benefits are distributed.

It may be tempting to respond to threats with equally emotional rants but this will not benefit the discussion or end goal. And most people will regret the things they say in the heat of the moment. It is also important to not take such financial threats to heart and stay focused on the real issues.

If a spouse is working with a Michigan divorce attorney, the attorney should be kept abreast of the relevant threats, especially those that target the couple’s financial situation. When family law attorneys have all of the relevant information, they can better help their clients toward an agreeable divorce settlement.

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