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February 2014 Archives

Single dads may be the new norm in child custody

Family laws views appear to be shifting, and new trends toward joint parenting may soon impact Michigan families. More and more states are adopting legislation that puts a focus on joint or shared parenting, as opposed to the traditional bias toward granting a mother physical and legal custody.

Grandparents fight for visitation rights

Child custody disputes, for the most part, involve two parents and cover issues like primary custody, visitation rights and child support. But these custody battles often have greater implications. As family dynamics change, child custody not only impacts the immediate family but also the extended family.

Sperm donor involved in paternity dispute

Michigan fathers may want to think twice about entering agreements that deal with artificial insemination. There may be underlying paternity implications. A district court judge recently issued a ruling that a sperm donor may be responsible for child support payments because the donor and the parents did not use a physician for the insemination process.

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