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Forget Valentine’s day; it’s divorce season

For many Michigan couples, February is the month of love and Valentine’s Day celebrations. But the timing of Valentine’s Day may be quite unfortunate. The first two months of the year, including February, is also one of the busiest times for divorce inquiries.

Right at the beginning of the year, many divorce attorneys report an uptick in the number of questions about marital separations. Spouses may call in to see what their options are and an attorney can provide them with answers and insight into the divorce process.

Although not proven, there may be a few reasons why this time of the year is known as divorce season. With the ringing in of the New Year and New Year’s resolutions, some spouses see this as an opportunity for a fresh start. Also, even if a couple considers divorce during the holiday season, many hold off on taking real action until the festivities die down.

As attorneys answer these important divorce questions it is important to clear up some common misconceptions about this area of family law. Not all divorces are adversarial and spiteful. Couples do not have to fight tooth and nail over every last detail of the property division.

Mediation is an option for divorcing couples and may be a good way to sift through the emotional and legal issues. It also allows couples a way to avoid litigation. The litigation process is usually more time consuming and expensive. Additionally, courtroom battles are public. Couples may prefer to air their dirty laundry behind closed doors.

Under a mediation process, an attorney can still provide guidance and representation but ultimately the couple decides on an agreement. The ultimate goal of mediation is to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

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