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Another Real Housewives couple gets a divorce

Michigan residents may recognize reality TV star Porsha Williams from her role on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Or Michigan residents may instead recognize her ex-husband, Kordell Stuart, from his time in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The couple just ended a bitter divorce and the most recent news apparently says that Williams did not get much from the marriage.

Sources leaked to the media say that Williams did not receive alimony or any home; she does not get any NFL retirement earnings, no cash and no health insurance. As for personal property, the 32-year-old former wife does get to keep her own property, her engagement ring and a Mercedes car. She also gets to hold onto $19,000 of her attorney’s fees.

The story plays out much differently for Stuart who is 41 years old. Stuart is keeping all of his retirement benefits and his interest in his acquired companies. He gets both of his home, as well as additional land and two luxury vehicles. Stuart currently has a lucrative career working as a sportscaster.

The marriage between Stuart and Williams only lasted shy of two years and they did not have a prenuptial agreement to detail how assets would be divided upon a divorce.

The split started out on a bad note with salacious accusations and rumors from both parties. In Family Law, parties can create a lot of extra heartache for themselves by choosing to spread rumors and gossip. Instead of going down this road, parties to a divorce can choose to keep a cool head and talk with a Farmington Hills divorce lawyer about the best course of action.

Source: Michigan Chronicle, “Porsha Williams Gets Next To Nothing In Divorce Settlement,” Ruth Manuel-Logan, March 13, 2014