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Disappeared Michigan father owes over $500,000 in support

No one wants to be known as a deadbeat dad, and certainly not as the “most wanted” deadbeat dad. But that is the title that one Michigan father has earned as he owes over half a million dollars in child support.

In 1989, the man and his wife divorced and a judge order him to pay monthly child support at $100. At the time, the father told the judge in Van Buren County that he suffered from a disability and that he did not have a job. In light of his perceived situation, the judge reduced the father’s child support payments to just $14 per month.

Just seven years later, the father’s financial situation drastically changed. According to the U.S. Office of Inspector General (OIG), the man sold his Internet business for a sale price of over $2 million. That’s when the man allegedly disappeared. He has not made a single child support payment since the sale in 1996.

Authorities quickly stepped in and modified the child support order in light of this new-found, unreported income. In 1998, the father was indicted in a U.S. District Court for his failure to make child support payments. Most recently, a request to unseal the indictment was filed because of the father’s status as fugitive of the law and that motion was granted.

The OIG has labeled the man their “Most Wanted Deadbeat.” No one knows where the father is to this day.

There are clearly better ways to handle a child support arrangement. Child support is critical to children and custodial parents. That is why Michigan is so adamant about child support enforcement. If parents are ever concerned about making payments, modification is always a possibility. It is better for children to receive whatever financial support is possible, rather than no support at all.

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