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Suspicious DNA testing leads to Jackson paternity dispute

With many major male celebrities, paternity allegations follow. There are few bigger celebrities than Michael Jackson. Michigan residents may have heard of a recent paternity dispute that involves the deceased pop star, but, unlike most paternity cases, the alleged son in this case is not even pursuing the matter.

In this strange situation, the alleged son is a 31-year-old man. His mother is singer Miki Howard. Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, represented Howard in the ’80s. The man claims that he did not consent to DNA testing, and he is not attempting to pursue the issue.

According to, paternity test results show a 99.9% chance that Jackson fathered this man. The owner of did not obtain these results in a traditional way. The owner says that he acquired Jackson’s dental impressions at an auction from a Beverly Hills doctor. He says the impression contained Jackson’s DNA.

As for the alleged son’s DNA, the owner of, apparently, obtained this when the man agreed to be part of a documentary with the company. As part of the documentary, he agreed to give a DNA sample, but did not know that it would be used to test it against Jackson’s DNA.

The man at the center of this paternity case is also a singer and performer. He states that he has never tried to draw any connection between himself and Jackson’s DNA, and that he has never claimed to be Jackson’s son. The man went even further to state that he did not intend to pursue the Jackson family estate.

Although most paternity cases do not involve auctioned dental impressions or fraudulent DNA testing, the results can be just as dramatic and important to families. A paternity result can change child custody or child support situations. If a parent wants to pursue a paternity case, it is always a good idea to consult with a family law attorney first to make sure that all of the bases are covered. Allegations of parenthood are substantial and should not be made lightly.

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